Outline of the Day

The day starts with a very upbeat and exciting whole school assembly.
During this I will talk to everybody about myself, career and some of the experiences I have enjoyed. Accompanying this, I show a couple of fun videos of basketball and some cool clips of myself.
I then go on to discuss a themed topic such as; embracing our differences and making most of your talents.
I close the assembly by having some Harlem Globetrotters basketball fun with a few of the children in front of the whole school!
Every school i have visited, has made massively positive comments regarding my assemblies, and i do feel it sets up the day perfectly, getting the children excited to spend some time with me.

Basketball Workshops:
The day then continues with fun, high tempo basketball sessions for the whole school throughout the rest of the school day. Depending on school and class size, each session will be 30-45 minutes.
The sessions include dribbling, ball handling, passing and shooting, and are suitable for children of all ages and abilities.
During the coaching sessions I always encourage the Teachers/Staff to join in, as I believe the days are for them to enjoy along with the children.
There are numerous photo opportunities for the Teachers to take of the children taking part in the basketball and doing some fun tricks with me.

The days visit is closed out with a whole school picture (at the Headteachers approval).
This is also a chance for me to say goodbye to everyone, thank the children for the day and taking part and open up for a short Q&A where the children can ask me lots of questions about my life and career! I also take this moment to reiterate the positive messages I have been instilling into them throughout the course of the school day.

Below is a video which showcases perfectly the outline of the day. All credit Hacton Primary.